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Turfing, planting, flower beds and soil improvement are other services we provide. 
We have trusted turf suppliers and are trade customers at ‘Evergreen exterior services’ which source and provide the finest quality plants to suit all budgets and designs. 

Landscaping is a broad term and can be better defined by ‘hard landscaping’ and ‘soft landscaping’.

Another aspect which is extremely important and necessary in most jobs is groundwork and site preparation. From site excavation, muck away, aggregates delivered, levelled and compacted, soakaways, etc, we have vast experience in these fields and can accommodate jobs of all sizes.

Typical Landscaping projects which we undertake are:

Brickwork, paving, groundworks, fencing, decking, ponds, pergolas, water features, sleeper flower beds, garden design, planting, turfing.

Here at S Gorvett Brickwork and Landscaping, we offer the following as standard:

  • Professional workmanship at all times
  • A full consultation

  • Detailed written estimates
  • 10 year guarantees
  • Full public and Employee liability Insurances
  • Samples of products available